Chris Uttley: We have published a series of six case studies that illustrate the natural flood management work we are undertaking in the catchment of the Stroud River Frome in Gloucestershire. We have now worked with a wide range of farmers, private land owners, woodland owners and partners to install over 280 different structures on 18km of headwater stream. Approximately 21% of the catchment area now discharges through natural flood management features located primarily in the headwaters.

The case studies are a selection of our work sites in the Stroud Frome catchment, chosen to be representative of private & NGO ownership, a mixture of woodland & farmland and different techniques and construction processes.  They describe the Natural flood Management works, the reasons for them, how they were carried out and by whom, the consents required and the indicative costs.

You can download the case studies by clicking on the links below:

I hope you find them informative: Chris Uttley, Rural SuDS Project Officer, Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill, Stroud, GL5 4UB   Tel: 01453 754464, Email:,

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