CMS – Communications and Management for Sustainability

CMS provides a service for the Water and Marine sectors combining the power of both website and email communications.

Through its two weekly newsletters, Water News and Marine Coastal News, CMS provides information on news, jobs and events to the water and marine sectors.

Through its advertising it provides a service to client organisations wishing to advertise jobs, events and projects.

We have been providing this service since the late 1990’s and have over 250+ clients who have used our services. You can see their endorsements on our Advertising pages.

We have considerable expertise and networks that support our News service and can provide free advice for clients on job and event advertisements.

CMS is managed day to day by Jayne O’Nions

Bob Earll founded CMS and successfully organised 200+ conference from 1993 – 2021 and continues to provide advice to the team



Jayne has prepared hundreds of adverts for clients over the last decade and will be happy to advise you on layout etc.

07759 134801