A major new report charts progress against the SDGs for the European Union, its Member States, and partner countries

The key findings include

  • The COVID-19 pandemic represents a serious setback for sustainable development in Europe and around the world, but the EU is right not to compromise on its vision or its values
  • The SDGs are a framework on which to “build back better” under a post-COVID-19 economic recovery, and for financing within Europe and globally.
  • Europe faces its greatest SDG challenges in the areas of sustainable diets and agriculture, climate and biodiversity – and in strengthening the convergence of living standards across its countries and regions.
  • Unsustainable supply chains and trade-related spillovers from the EU undermine other countries’ capacities to achieve the SDGs and increase the likelihood of future pandemics.
  • An integrated approach to the SDGs must focus on three broad areas: internal priorities; diplomacy and development cooperation; and negative international spillovers.

Download the report here.

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