The recently produced Locality report assessed community capacity in light of Covid-19 community responses and highlighted that:

  • Existing social infrastructure has been vital to the crisis response
  • Well-functioning local systems have emerged in the heat of the crisis
  • The role of community organisations as “cogs of connection” has been strengthened
  • That despite the above, long term support is still needed not to lose the years of community connection
  • It suggests ways that government can help create collaborative services which unlock community collaboration and power, supporting partnership working.

Coastal Partnerships and community groups; inclusive of all sectors, groups and individuals, coming together with common purpose to support government structures and policy through empowering and engaging local communities, sharing evidence-based information and knowledge and assisting in the local delivery of projects under the 25 Year Environment Plan. They seek support from a range of stakeholders and funding sources to develop planning, targeting and prioritised delivery through consensus building.  The role of community based social enterprises could be key to longer term sustainability with examples from the Making Local Woods Work project, an approach promoted by Shared Assets,

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