EFRA ‘Severe storms and heavy rainfall continue to cause extensive flooding events across the UK, causing disruption and distress to individuals and communities and costing millions. The Committee published a Report on Managing Flood Risk in July 2013 and held an evidence session on the Winter Floods on 22 January 2014.

The Committee was deeply concerned last July about cuts in maintenance funding for flood defences and watercourses, warning that communities could be left exposed to flooding threats. This short inquiry will focus on the implications of the winter floods and follow up on the maintenance issues and recommendations that the Committee raised last year.

The Committee invites written evidence on the following issues:

  • What      lessons are we learning from the winter floods in relation to the approach      to maintenance work? What changes to the approach should be made before      next winter?
  • How is      funding allocated by the Government and the Environment Agency to      maintenance work and how can this process be more transparent and      effective?
  • Is the      responsibility for maintenance work currently allocated in the best way?      How can this approach be improved? What maintenance role should IDBs,      local authorities and landowners take?
  • In what      circumstances In what      circumstances is dredging effective in reducing flood risk? When is      dredging not effective?’

To read more and see Owen Paterson give evidence click here

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