MPA Update: Three articles:

1.  Consultation on several potential Special Protection Areas

This is a short reminder that the consultation on several potential Special Protection Areas (pSPAs) started on 21st January. The consultation deadline for the pSPA consultation is 5pm on 21st April 2016.

All the consultation materials can be viewed at:

Northumberland Marine pSPA and adjoining terrestrial sites; Coquet Island pSPA, Farne Islands pSPA and Northumbria Coast. (Mailbox here)

Solent & Dorset Coast pSPA (Mailbox Here)

Poole Harbour pSPA (Mailbox Here)

Hamford Water pSPA (Mailbox Here)

Morecambe Bay & Duddon Estuary pSPA (Mailbox Here)

Outer Thames Estuary pSPA (Mailbox Here)

2.  Managing fisheries in Marine Protected Areas Amber & Green risk assessment: Stakeholder response summary

MMO: This document provides summary of responses from stakeholders following a request for feedback and final evidence call for draft assessment summaries and recommended management measures for amber and green risk based activities in English MPAs.

3.  Marine protected areas: strategic management table

MMO: A high-level view for all European marine sites and the first tranche of Marine Conservation Zones in English waters, including some current actions on site management.

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