Defra’s Marine Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment (mNCEA) programme is currently undertaking a structured review of social and cultural values of UK marine and coastal ecosystems. Ecologos Research are undertaking the review, in collaboration with Plymouth Marine Laboratory.

They are asking the marine and coastal social science and arts and humanities community to submit links to relevant studies and they welcome contributions of grey literature (e.g., policy reports), and datasets.


By submitting links to your studies you can help ensure that work that you have done or that you find relevant will be included in the assessment, providing an important pathway to impact and potential influence on policy.

Any studies that match all the below criteria are in-scope for this review:

  • Study site is in the UK, including the Isle of Man and Channel Islands but excluding British Overseas Territories; OR the study is at a larger scale (e.g. North Sea, Europe) but includes values of UK coastal/marine systems.
  • Is focused on marine and/or coastal environments
  • Is focused on social and cultural values (i.e., purely biophysical or economic studies are out of scope)

Submitting a single study will only take a minute, and you can submit as many studies as you like. Please use this link to submit studies:

The survey will close on 15 March.

Contact: Prof Jasper Kenter (Ecologos Research),

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