Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has confirmed that more than 80% of under-12m inshore vessels participated in the I-VMS roll-out programme last year, resulting in £1.3m of European funding being awarded to fishers.

New legislation, a statutory instrument (SI), is expected to come into force in April 2024 and will require all under-12m vessels fishing for commercial purposes in English waters to have an active I-VMS device.

MMO also reports that, as part of the successful roll-out programme last year, suppliers have already installed or secured bookings with around half of those who have purchased a device. However, that means around half are yet to make any arrangements.


Photo: Darren Tolley


Device warranties require installation by the suppliers, or their approved engineers, and MMO is urging fishers book installation of their device to ensure they’re compliant and able to fish when the new legislation comes into effect.

Peter Clark, MMO’s Director of Operations said: “We are delighted by industry’s overwhelmingly positive response to the roll-out programme last year and I would like to thank the many fishers who participated.

“As we prepare for the new legislation, our attention must now shift and focus on supporting industry arrange installation of the new devices they have purchased. Without industry cooperation now, we could soon be facing a pinch-point as suppliers work to accommodate the outstanding installations between now and when we expect the new legislation to come into effect. The longer fishers delay their installation, the more they risk waiting for engineer availability and not having their device installed in time.”

The grant scheme, paid for from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) to reimburse fishers up to £1,050 per vessel for purchase and installation costs, is no longer available. Fishers yet to purchase a device should now expect to cover these costs themselves and act now to take the necessary steps to order and arrange installation of a type approved device.

Peter Clark continued: “We’re in the process of writing to fishers to remind them of conditions under the EMFF funding scheme they agreed to when making their grant claims, which includes a requirement to install devices within 90-days. Anyone who has claimed a grant but not been able to arrange installation should do so now or contact us with any information to explain why that’s not possible”.

MMO is writing to fishers with further guidance and the I-VMS helpline remains open. Contact them on 01900 508618, Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm) or email Read more online here.

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