Thanks to Ian Barker of Water policy International for highlighting this important report which although it came out last year deserves much wider distribution

The report looks at the impact that catchment management could play in delivering more effective services for the water sector over the next 15 years and the savings to be made by adopting wider catchment approaches. It identified significant savings.

Indepen Limited   ‘Over the next 15years, over £100 billion will be spent in English catchments to address issues including the continued provision of water and waste water services, water quality, farming and on flood protection and maintenance. This huge number reflects the essential role that the water and land environment plays in the day to day well-being of our society. There are numerous independent and interlinking factors impacting the choices society has to make about this vital resource and it is under growing pressures from factors such as: population growth, economic development, climate change adaptation and mitigation, changing customer expectations and austerity.

Against this backdrop, Wessex Water, Severn Trent Water and South West Water commissioned this report to understand whether catchment management has a role to play in addressing these challenges and particularly in the delivery of sustainable water and waste water services.’ To read more go to:

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