Water labelling and mandatory sustainable drainage for new developments are two actions listed by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) on a top ten of short term priorities for Government.

The Commission’s annual Infrastructure Progress Review, published today, said Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 should be implemented “this year and without delay” and that Government should “rapidly put in place plans to get on track to reduce per person water consumption to 110 litres per day by 2050, starting by finalising proposals on water efficiency labelling and water efficient buildings this year”.

The review analysed infrastructure progress last year and found securing a sustainable balance of water supply and demand wanting.

More generally, the NIC called for “policy staying power” to deliver long term goals and reduce uncertainty, and for fewer but bigger and better interventions from central government, with tighter strategic focus on the areas it can make the most difference rather than “expending too much effort on many small-scale funding interventions and repeated consultations, trying to maintain optionality in all areas”.

Download the NIC’s Infrastructure Progress Review here.

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