The Greater London Authority has released a map of locations of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) across London.

London is outgrowing its drains and sewers. The combined sewer system originally built over 150 years ago by Joseph Bazalgette has served us well, but it was designed for a smaller city with more green surfaces. The combined challenges of London’s growing population, changing land uses and changing climate mean that if we continue to rely on our current drains and sewers, we face an increasing risk of flooding.

To make the most effective use of our existing and planned drainage infrastructure and avoid increased flood risk, we need to change how London’s drainage system operates. Rainwater should be managed as a valuable resource rather than a waste product. We need to roll back the tide of impermeable surfaces. They should be replaced with ‘sustainable drainage’ systems that mimic the ways that nature manages rainwater and add to the services provided by our existing drains and sewers. The need for more sustainable drainage is now widely recognised internationally and embedded in our national and local planning systems including in the Mayor’s London Plan.

This map shows the good work done by Boroughs, TfL, housing associations, water companies, charities and others to install SuDS across London. The map will be updated regularly by these organisations as more SuDS are delivered.

For more information about sustainable drainage visit the GLA website.

The Retrofit SuDS map can be viewed here.

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