Waterwise has published its draft water efficiency strategy for consultation.

The document sets out a cross-sector strategy to deliver greater water efficiency in the UK by 2030, including:

  • Why water demand needs to reduce – so everyone has an understanding of the challenges faced across the UK.
  • The objectives to achieve by 2030 – 10 clear strategic objectives have been set that everyone can play a part in achieving. We have outlined the reasons for these, what needs to change, who needs to be involved and how we will track progress.
  • How Waterwise will monitor delivery of the strategy – ensuring accountability, providing assurance that the right level of progress is being made and that intended outcomes are being achieved.

We are really keen to hear people’s thoughts about the strategy objectives and ideas for how we can achieve them, as well as encouraging more organisations to join us in actively pursuing the vision of a water efficient UK, so please have a read and have your say.

The consultation will run until Friday 8 July.  You will be able to read the strategy and have your say at waterwise.org.uk/strategy2030 and you can email engagement@waterwise.org.uk if you have any questions. 

New research calls for non-household water efficiency to be wholesaler led in PR24

New research commissioned from Economic Insights by the water efficiency sub-group of the Retailer Wholesaler Group, recommends that in the short-term water efficiency delivery to non-household (NHH) organisations is led by wholesalers drawing on a ring-fenced budget with an appropriate financial outcome delivery incentive (ODI). In the longer term it calls for government and regulators to bring forward changes to encourage NHH organisations to proactively save water.

Customer spotlight: People’s views and experiences of water

Recent Ofwat and CCW research showed only 40% think often about their water use but on the positive side the research showed that the key message people were taking from water company communications was the importance of saving water, so messages from companies are getting through – although the research also demonstrated the importance of water meters as those customers on a water meter were significantly more likely to recall this message.

Read the report here

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