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Homeowners Guide to Flood Safety & Resilience

Compare the guide, in the guide we cover:

  • The risks of flooding, including how to find the flood risk for your postcode
  • The causes of flooding, from the river to sewer flooding
  • How to protect your home, including flood resistance and flood resiliency
  • Protecting yourself financially and the support that you can get from your local council

Here are just a handful of the insights we delve into:

  • There’s a misconception that flooding in the UK is unlikely. In fact, 80,000 properties in towns and cities are at risk of flooding.
  • Climate change has serious consequences for the risk of flooding. In the UK, climate change has increased the risk of severe winter rain 7-fold.
  • There’s plenty you can do to protect your home, including fitting electrical sockets at least 1.5m above floor level.
  • There are also ways to protect yourself financially. Home insurance is your first call – if you live in a flood risk area, you can limit home insurance premiums through the government’s Flood Re scheme, available for 350,000 households in the UK.

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