Infographic – Powerpoint slides – a resource to explain working with natural processes to reduce flood and coastal erosion risk

Environment Agency ‘What is it? Working with Natural Processes (WWNP) to reduce flood and coastal erosion risk (FCRM) involves implementing measures that help to protect, restore and emulate the natural functions of catchments, floodplains, rivers and the coast. WWNP takes many different forms and can be applied in urban and rural areas, and on rivers, estuaries and coasts. It is also referred to as Natural Flood Management (NFM).

What did we do? There has been much research on WWNP, but it has never been synthesised into one location. This has meant that it has been hard for flood risk managers to access up-to-date information on WWNP measures and to understand their potential benefits. We have developed a WWNP Evidence Directory which looks in detail at the effectiveness of different measures at reducing flood risk. This is supported by maps which help practitioners think about the types of measure that may work in a catchment. These 1 page summaries provide a high level summary of key findings from the Evidence Directory and point you to where you can find more information.

Click here to access the infographic

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