The Regulators’ Alliance for Progressing Infrastructure Development (RAPID) has published its forward work programme for 2020-21.

Made up of the three water regulators – Ofwat, Environment Agency and Drinking Water Inspectorate – RAPID was set up in 2019 to identify and address issues relevant to the development of joint infrastructure projects and to analyse the feasibility of nationally strategic supply schemes.

During 2020-21, RAPID will starts its appraisal of the current portfolio of 17 strategic schemes with the potential to help meet the water needs set out in the National Framework for England will begin.

Progress on each will be decided at key points (gates) which are linked to total funding allowances of £469 million. The regulators will use the gated process to assess if the proposed schemes being developed by water companies are on track and progressing in a way that offers value to customers.

This year RAPID’s focus will be on:

  • providing effective oversight of the strategic schemes;
  • engaging people and organisations;
  • evolving effective long-term water resources resilience;
  • exploring regulatory and commercial opportunities, gaps and barriers; and
  • developing a positive culture and driving performance.

The paper says that via RAPID the regulators have “an unprecedented opportunity to analyse the feasibility, opportunities and trade-offs presented by developing a number of proposals for potential new strategic water supply schemes in parallel.”

Download the programme here.

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