Supermarket support helps marine charity clean up rivers as well as beaches 20 river cleans planned as part of Marine Conservation Society and Waitrose partnership. The UK’s leading marine charity, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), will be cleaning up river banks and recording the litter found for the first time, thanks to the support of one of the country’s leading supermarkets. MCS has been working with Waitrose since last summer on the Waitrose Beach and River Clean-up series. So far, almost 700 beach cleans have taken place involving over 10,000 volunteers. Now, the charity is about to launch a series of 20 river cleans using a similar recording system it uses at its beach cleans. MCS will be joining forces with leading waterways charity Thames21 in a pilot project to investigate the link between river and marine litter. Waitrose has donated £500,000 from its carrier bag funds to MCS allowing the charity to put on more clean-ups and mobilise larger numbers of volunteers than ever before in the fight back against the rising tide of plastic litter on our beaches and now in rivers, too.

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