Ofwat has clarified the PR19 requirements for leakage. The regulator has confirmed that its approach to leakage performance commitments will take account of companies that might want to start their improvements ahead of the 2020-25 price control period. It has also explained that the approach to the threshold for enhanced outperformance payments is different for leakage to the other common performance commitments. So, “companies could include an enhanced outperformance payment in their ODI to incentivise a major improvement in leakage performance, for example.” 

SaveWater South East Drought is a word usually associated with dry, desert landscapes in far off, sunnier climates, with little or no rainfall – such as the three-year drought currently affecting everyday life in Cape Town, South Africa, as they count down to ‘Day Zero’ when taps will be turned off (see above). As many readers will know, the reality is that drought events are becoming more frequent in countries across the globe. But many people still think that surely here in the UK we have nothing to worry about, living in a country infamous for its rainfall. Clearly, it’s not as simple as that! To find out more read the latest SaveWater South East blog here.

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