Another product of the 2015 – 2016 floods in this guidance. The challenge is to get businesses to take it seriously and act. With over 300,000 commercial properties estimated to be at risk across the UK, businesses need to ensure they are not only aware of their flood risk, but also better prepared in case a flood happens. Climate change is already starting to produce more extreme weather patterns and intense storm events. It is likely that more properties will be hit by surface water flooding over the next 25 years than by river flooding, and most of these will be affected for the first time. Small businesses in particular are at risk of severe financial losses, if flooding prevents / restricts trading over a period of weeks or months. Effective planning to deal with all kinds of unexpected events makes sound business sense. Chances are you have an intruder alarm fitted to protect your office, and sprinklers in case of fire. Do you have similar solutions to deal with flooding? Do have a flood plan in place? How will you manage a clean-up if you are flooded? Most businesses can save up to 90% on the cost of lost stock and moveable equipment by taking action to prepare in advance for flooding. This practical guide has been compiled as part of the Know Your Flood Risk campaign, led by Mary Dhonau OBE with support from Landmark Information Group, leaders in flood risk data and. This edition (2016) has been updated by Mary Dhonau and Carly Rose, both of whom have been flooded themselves. It seeks to help you answer these questions, and provides a single point of reference for you and your business to take proactive steps. This business specific supplement has been designed to be read in conjunction with the comprehensive Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience, available here: ForHomeowners.pdf

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