OK it’s a Ministerial photo opportunity to highlight a major European contribution …. Would the Brexiters fund this type of work?

Defra: The MoorLIFE 2020 project – which received €12 million funding from the European Union – will restore and preserve areas of blanket bog developed over thousands of years which are internationally rare due to their high concentration of carbon-storing peat. The project will also provide new habitats for birds and other wildlife, and provide new facilities to boost local tourism.

The five year scheme is run by Moors for the Future Partnership – which brings together partners including the Environment Agency, Natural England and MoorLIFE project, which protected 2,500 hectares of blanket bog in the Peak District and South Pennines between 2010 and 2015, with €5million provided by the EU towards the €6.7million cost.

On a visit to mark the start of work beginning, Minister Rory Stewart highlighted the benefits of the UK’s membership of the EU which makes provides access to additional funding to support environmental conversation. To read more about the Moors for the Future partnership click here

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