Two data sets now more readily available

Climate, Hydrological and Ecological Support System (CHESS) meteorological data now available

WSKEP: ‘Long-term records of daily weather variables over the UK since 1962 have been re-processed to produce a 1km gridded meteorological and land state dataset for Great Britain, now publicly available through CEH’s Environmental Information Platform. The dataset, called CHESS (Climate, Hydrological and Ecological research Support System), currently consists of daily mean meteorological variables. It draws largely on MORECS data (temperature, humidity, wind speeds and sunshine hours) downscaled to 1km resolution using information about the impact of topography, such as hills and mountains. It can be used with the CEH GEAR rainfall dataset to drive other models such as the UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES), or to identify meteorological-causal links with the environment of the UK. The dataset is freely available for download and use for research purposes.’ More information can be found here.

UK National River Flow Archive – made more accessible

WSKEP: ‘The National River Flow Archive has released an expanded data download facility which allows users to download data from all the gauging stations held on the national archive. Previously, only data for around 400 gauging stations were accessible for direct download from the NRFA website, with the remaining 1,100 or so requiring users to contact the NRFA by telephone or email to retrieve information and data. The full station data release means river flow records for around 1,500 gauging stations totalling 59,000 years’ of daily data, are now available to download directly from the NRFA website. More information can be found here.

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