Although there are huge diversity of pots of money for coastal project funding this is a particularly interesting project and approach.

Clevedon Pier was built in the Victorian heydey to receive paddle steamer passengers from Devon and Wales. Today it is a focal point for events in Clevedon and once again you can take boat trips aboard the Balmoral steamer and Waverley paddle ship. We are delighted to report that the Share offer has been a great success. The amount pledged is in excess of £250k from over 1,100 investors. For investors who have applied but not paid there will be time to finish the transaction before the membership list is finalised. The reconciliation will be completed very soon and the final numbers published.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be compiling a final list of fully paid up members of the Clevedon Pier Community Benefit society – after which named membership cards will be produced and sent out. However, before they receive their cards all members can visit the pier free of charge simply by producing a copy of their share application receipt. Other benefits including the 10% discount at Tiffin Eateries will apply once the new membership cards are issued.

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