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MCS: Single use carrier bag charge in England – great news for our oceans but a whole bag full of confusion for shoppers, says UK marine charity. Successful schemes in other parts of UK not replicated in England.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS), the UK’s leading marine charity, says the 5p carrier bag charge being introduced in England on October 5th can only be good news for marine and beach litter levels, but could end up being a shambles for shoppers who won’t know what to expect from one shop to another.

Small businesses in England – those employing fewer than 250 people – aren’t included in the scheme whilst in larger supermarkets where the charge is compulsory, cashiers will be asked to decide whether a charge must be paid by checking if the goods shoppers are buying qualify for a free bag. In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all shops, however small, have to apply the charge. Dr Sue Kinsey, MCS Senior Policy Officer, says despite the Government suggesting they wanted to minimise confusion for the public and reduce the burden on cross-border organisations, the English scheme does the opposite.

“The Government has decided to bring in some totally superfluous and unhelpful exemptions which will cause confusion to retailers and consumers alike. It’s almost as if, having dragged their heels for so long, they feel they have to change something just to be different to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, despite the schemes being successful there,” says Dr Kinsey.  To read more go to:

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