Decent design – Before and After Control impact (BACI) – to establish the effects of MPAs

‘Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are increasingly being implemented as tools to conserve and manage fisheries and target species. Because there are opportunity costs to conservation, there is a need for science based assessment of MPAs. Here, we present one of the northernmost reports of MPA effects to date, demonstrated by a replicated before and after control impact BACI approach. In 2006, MPAs were implemented along the Norwegian Skagerrak coast to offer complete protection to shellfish and partial protection to fish. By 2010, European lobster (Homarus gammarus) catch per unit effort (CPUE) had increased by 245 per cent in MPAs, whereas CPUE in control areas have increased by 87%. Mean size of lobsters increased by 13% in MPAs, whereas in control areas it was negligible’ …. To read more go to

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