Marine Stewardship Council: The MSC Global Fisheries Sustainability Fund supports critical fishery science research and projects.

The fund launched in July 2015 with an initial allocation of £400,000, split over two years.

What the fund is for

The fund is aimed at strengthening knowledge and capacity to assist small scale and developing world fisheries in their journey to achieving MSC certification. The MSC invites applications that will:

  • Deliver critical scientific research addressing information, technology and management gaps and barriers that fisheries encounter in achieving the MSC Standard.
  • Build the capacity of personnel to assist small scale and developing world fisheries in their improvements and gaining certification.

Who the fund is open to

The fund is open to academic institutions, independent researchers, fisheries, governments and non-governmental organisations. It is hoped that further allocations will be made in future years. The MSC will actively seek additional, third party contributions to enhance the overall scale of the fund and hence potential grants available to applicants.

How to apply

Interested organisations and individuals should contact the MSC via to request guidance and an application form. All applications should be in English. The deadline for applications for 2015 is October 31st, with awardees to be announced towards the end of the year. To read more click here


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