This summary report provides an overview of pollution incidents that occurred in 2014 including:

  • A breakdown by incident category – the summary is about the most important incidents
  • A breakdown of air and water incidents
  • The breakdown of incidents whether by regulated or unregulated operations
  • Agriculture and the water industry were responsible for a large number of the water pollution incidents

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Utility Week: ‘There were 2,358 pollution events (category 1 to 3) in 2014, and 61 serious pollution events (category 1 and 2). Both figures were an improvement on 2013, with the overall number of events falling for the second successive year. However the EA noted that it expects the nine major water and sewerage companies in England to ensure there are further reductions in 2015.“The sector appears to have turned the corner from the record high in 2012,” notes the EA. “However category 3 incidents remain high compared to the numbers observed before 2010 and further improvements are needed by the sector. We want to see a further reduction in incidents from all companies in 2015.”

South West Water (169 incidents per 10,000km of sewer) and Southern Water (135 per 10,000) were the companies responsible for the most pollution incidents, with Southern having the most serious incidents. Wessex Water (44 incidents per 10,000km) and United Utilities (49) had the fewest, while United Utilities led the way in terms of the fewest serious incidents. To read more go to:

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