Defra: ‘We appreciate that the implementation of the landing obligation is the biggest change in fisheries management in a generation so plan to give the industry as much as time as possible to familiarise and adapt to the new policy. Therefore we’re aiming to release the full implementation policy and any supporting information in the autumn.

We tried to keep this consultation (which we published on 23 January) as broad as possible, gathering views on potential implementation approaches as well as any additional options highlighted by respondents. We received 75 responses to the consultation and policy officials met with over 200 stakeholders to gather their views on the issues.

We’d like to thank all those who took the time to respond to our consultation and/or attend one of the regional meetings. The responses we received have been most informative and already used in the regional Member State negotiations on phasing and exemptions, which can be found here. We’ll be using responses on the other areas of implementation to develop the policy for quota management, onshore management and control and enforcement.’ You can find the summary of responses here.

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