EU ’19.06.2015: The Council of Ministers has taken a decision to set monthly catch limits for commercial vessels catching bass. The decision will come in to force before the end of June and last until December 2015. This decision marks an additional step in the package of measures the Commission has proposed for 2015 to halt the decline of this stock and prepare the way forward for further management measures in 2016. More information can be found from this link:

Making Bass Fisheries Sustainable – Chris Williams – guest blog 

New Economics Foundation; For Client Earth:    Seafish’s Risk Assessment for Sourcing Seafood shows the sea bass stock is at ‘high risk’, MCS Fishonline only lists farmed bass as ‘’green’’ and two regional seafood sites for Cornwall and Dorset either advise against bass or are reviewing their advice. We need a holistic approach to bass management and regulation. Stock sustainability is in the public interest and is also enshrined in the reformed Common Fisheries Policy.

The European Commission announced their third part of the package of measures for sea bass (monthly catch limits) on May 20th. Underpinning the recent discussions and recommendations which have focused on EU fisheries management measures to ensure bass stocks can recover (e.g. monthly catch limits, an increase in minimum landing size to 42cm, larger mesh and also real-time closures) is a strong legal framework which obliges the EU and member states to (start to) manage the bass stock sustainably.

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