More environmental groups have set out their expectations and requests for political parties to consider in their manifestos and election campaigning. They include

Save Britain’s Rivers: i challenges all parties to commit to election manifesto

  • RIVER HEALTH: 77 per cent of rivers in good health by 2027.
  • SEWAGE: Sewage spills will not damage high-priority areas – including bathing spots and nature sites – by 2030
  • WATCHDOG: Regulators will stop water companies destroying the environment in pursuit of profit
  • BATHING: Create 100 clean bathing spots in rivers by 2030
  • FARMING: Farmers must be funded to improve water quality, and face enforcement action if they damage the environment.

Wildlife and Countryside Link says that, to unblock development, parties must prioritise nature and climate.

The nature and climate groups propose:

  • An ambitious and well-funded habitat-restoration and creation prospectus alongside any proposed planning reform;
  • Strategic spatial planning on land and sea, prioritising space for nature and renewable energy.
  • More investment in environmental planning, including local ecological expertise
  • Frontloading nature and climate in development design, including popular measures like swift bricks and bat boxes on land, and “leases for nature” at sea. [3]

Save Windemere (covered in The Guardian): The next government must give Windermere greater protection from sewage pollution, campaigners including the naturalist Chris Packham and the comedian Paul Whitehouse have urged in an open letter to all party leaders.

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