Severn Trent Water has published its Get River Positive annual report.

It includes five pledges to make our region’s rivers the healthiest they can be, as quickly as possible.

  • Ensure storm overflows and sewage treatment works do not harm rivers
  • Create more opportunities for everyone to enjoy our region’s rivers
  • Support others to improve and care for rivers
  • Enhance our rivers and create new habitats so wildlife can thrive
  • Be open and transparent about our performance and our plans

Other highlights

  • 100% of our storm overflows had EDM monitors installed as of December 2022, over a year in advance of the Government’s ambitious target to have all monitors in place by the end of 2023. We now collect and report 300 million data points every year on how our storm overflows are performing.
  • We have had no serious pollutions in 2023 and we have achieved the highest rating from the EA over the last four years.
  • Our 10 River Rangers have attended over 280 meetings, working with our partners, environment groups and importantly, people in local communities.
  • Current two year programme of investment of £384m supporting spill reduction
  • A further £1.1bn of investment planned up to 2030 to reduce average spills to the lowest level in the water industry.

Read more about the Get River Positive work here

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