Following last week’s publication of storm overflow spill data for 2023, covered in last week’s news, the sewage has really been hitting the fan

The BBC highlighted that sewage spills into England’s rivers and seas by water companies more than doubled last year. According to the Environment Agency there were 3.6 million hours of spills compared to 1.75 million hours in 2022.

The Guardian provided detailed data showing sewage overflows in each is your local river and which regions are worst hit.

Last weekend’s Boat Race also helped to shine the spotlight on the issue.

Thames Tideway completed

Covered by the BBC

Part of the solution to storm overflows is the Thames Tideway project, and after eight years in the making, London’s £5bn super sewer has been completed.

Known officially as the Thames Tideway Tunnel, it has been designed to reduce the amount of raw sewage that flows into the river.

The 16 mile (25km) long pipe will divert 34 of the most polluting sewage outflows (CSO’s) that have been discharging into the Thames.

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