The housing market is volatile and ever-changing, but have you ever considered the potential risk factors of flooding to your property’s value? With climate change continuing to be a global concern and sea levels rising, homes located near lakes, rivers and coastal areas are at risk of irreversible damage in the event of flooding. Recent research suggests 67% of homeowners are scared of the impact of climate change, so to provide you with the knowledge and tools to prepare and protect your property against water damage in these uncertain times, Avrillo has created a data-packed resource for homeowners.

30 facts and statistics about flooding and the UK property market’ brings you accurate data from a range of reputable sources, to help you gain a better understanding of the UK property market and current flooding concerns. Key insights into how house prices fluctuate according to their flood-risk factor, plus data on the typical costs of repairing water damage in a property, can help you both canvas potential homes and save you time and resources should the worst occur.

The guide also offers useful facts about the government scheme Flood Re, introduced in 2016, and how it’s working to support homeowners in flood-risk areas by enabling them to reduce their insurance premiums by half in 80% of circumstances. In addition, this resource delves into the wider effects of home flooding, from mental health implications to the economy.

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