A joint statement between DLUHC, Defra, the Environment Agency and Greater Cambridge councils (Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire districts) sets out the government’s position on addressing concerns raised about water scarcity issues in the Greater Cambridge area, which have led to a sizeable number of sites remaining in the planning process. This is published alongside an update from DLUHC and Defra on the measures the government is taking.

The measures are part of a two-part plan.

  1. Ensure long-term water supply so that the city can grow in a sustainable way, by:
  • Assuring the delivery of long-term major water supply infrastructure including the proposed Grafham transfer and Fens Reservoir.
  • Supporting the development of a plan for strategic water resources over the long-term.
  • Using Cambridge as an area for innovation in water management in agriculture and through nature-based solutions.
  1. Support growth in the short-term so that development currently stalled can proceed, by supporting increased water efficiency, reuse and offsetting, which will prime a ‘water credits system’.

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