A new edition of environmental SCIENTIST – the journal of the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) – tackles the water crisis from all angles. The issue is titled ‘Watertight Solutions’ and is now available open access.

In this issue, contributors take a critical look at how water in the UK has become one of the biggest topics on the environmental agenda over the past few decades – and they examine cutting-edge solutions that will form the basis of a healthier, more efficient, and more nature-friendly relationship with our water resources.

The papers cover topics that range from wastewater to citizen science and pollution, and they address the crucial ways we can adapt our understanding and management of water in the UK, to respond to multiple environmental and anthropogenic challenges.

The issue was edited by the CEO of Waterwise, Nicci Russell. Waterwise is the UK’s not-for-profit campaigning organisation on water efficiency.

The full list of articles and contributors is as follows:

  1. Water, water (not) everywhere… – Mark Everard
  2. Urban drainage in the UK: a water industry in crisis – Richard Ashley & Brian Smith
  3. A further ten years of water pricing: what progress have we made? – Ali Morse
  4. Engaging communities in developing targeted sustainable urban drainage schemes – Mark Davinson, Caitlin Rogers, Dr Ed Rollason & Dr Eleanor Starkey
  5. Nidderdale Ponds: a case study from an important freshwater landscape – Kate Wright
  6. Chemical pollution of our freshwaters – Dr Rob Collins, Emma Adler, Dr Josh Jones & Anneka France
  7. Unlocking water supply constraints on growth – Daniel Johns
  8. Digital transformation and wastewater net zero – Oliver Grievson
  9. Improving water monitoring through citizen science – The Rivers Trust
  10. Taking an ecosystem approach to water management – Dr Laurence Couldrick

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