Action and investment are needed to reduce the risk of flood and drought and protect water supplies from the impacts of climate change across Scotland.

A new plan published by Scottish Water outlines the efforts it will take to make services and infrastructure more resilient to extreme weather.

Over the past decade, the public utility – which provides essential water and waste water services for 5 million customers throughout Scotland – has responded to the changing climate, by assessing risks and building resilience into its operations and investment plans.

But, with growing impacts on assets and services from more extreme weather events locally and nationally, the new plan highlights the steps that must be taken to go further and faster in adapting the assets and services which serve people 24/7 to ensure they remain reliable, resilient and sustainable.

Scottish Water’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan focuses on key areas which are likely to face further disruption unless we act. It describes the consequences on water supplies, water quality, sewer systems, infrastructure and the environment without adaptation.

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