The Welsh Parliament’s Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee has published a report making a series of recommendations to support improved performance at Welsh Water.

Although there are mitigating factors including climate change challenges, the committee found the company to be “barely treading water when it comes to delivering for its customers and the environment. Pollution, leakages, drinking water quality and supply interruptions are just some of the issues Dŵr Cymru is struggling with.”

Among its recommendations, the committee called for the following:

  • Welsh Water: provide an update in six months on progress towards delivering the service commitment plan required by Ofwat; explain how it is planning to mitigate serious pollution risk in light of climate change pressures; set a more stretching target for reducing pollution incidents by 2030 than the current target of 24% and commit to an ambition of zero pollution incidents in the shortest time possible; explain its governance arrangements and fully align executive bonuses with performance; and publish details of its programme of work to tackle sewage spills.
  • Welsh Government: ban wet wipes containing plastic; improve communications on how storm spills are being tackled; consider extending Natural Resources Wales’ enforcement powers; and update on action to relieve pressure on the sewerage system since March 2022.
  • Ofwat: clarify whether and how its performance-related pay recovery mechanism applies to Dŵr Cymru, given its not-for-profit status.
  • NRW: review its regulatory and environment response to the issues at Cardigan Wastewater Treatment works with the aim of learning lessons. It should report back to the Committee on the findings of the review.

Download the report here

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