From the Marine Management Organisation (MMO):


To start the process of replacing the East Inshore and East Offshore Marine Plans, the Marine Planning Team invites those interested to have their say in the East Marine Plan Statement of Public Participation consultation.

The Sectary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) agreed with the Marine Management Organisations (MMO) recommendation made in 2022 to replace the East Marine Plans. The MMO and Defra will work together to develop the process to replace the East Marine Plans, including consultation with stakeholders at each appropriate stage.


Photo by Luke Thornton


Why your views matter

The Statement of Public Participation ensures that the marine planning process is transparent, and that stakeholders understand how they can be involved to influence a marine plan’s development. It sets out how, when, and why we will engage throughout the process of replacing the East Marine Plans.

It is important that all those with an interest in the UK’s marine environment can have their say in the process to replace the East Marine Plans and contribute to shaping the east marine plan areas’ seas and coast. Find out more about the Statement of Public Participation here.

Please respond via this online survey setting out your comments with any amendments.

This consultation will be available online and close on 12 February 2024.

The online consultation can be found here.

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