Over 80 per cent of the public are concerned about the state of nature in the UK – with the health of our water vital to this majority.

More than three-quarters of the public believe water reform should be a major priority for the next government following a general election.

Experts believe that our water is in a declining state of health and resilience.

With climate change advancing rapidly and the health of nature and potentially the public under threat from increasing and more complex sources of pollution, flood risk and drought, we need a new focus and ambition on water.

We need to think and do differently.

A Fresh Water Future brought together almost 5000 people to understand pressures and perspectives on water and to co-create a set of recommendations for the next government, whoever that may be.

Recommendations that are workable, realistic and recognise healthy water as the foundation for a prosperous nation.

Read the report in full now at: www.afreshwaterfuture.org

Executive summary

The 10 recommendations for the next government

  1. Commission a comprehensive, independent review of water management, to report within its first twelve months
  2. Review, and if necessary reform, regulators so that they can discharge their responsibilities effectively
  3. Reform governance and regulation of water companies to create purpose-ed organisations, transparent and
  4. Increase the level of monitoring through a national environmental monitoring strategy and programme
  5. Introduce ambitious catchment system management compliant with the law
  6. Improve advice and support for natureand water-friendly farming, mirrored by increased enforcement against poor practice to unlock a fair balance between enforcement and support
  7. Deliver a statutory nutrient management programme
  8. Invest in maintaining water systems so infrastructure upgrades endure
  9. Adopt a ‘sponge cities’ approach to our villages, towns and cities to unlock regeneration, resilience, prosperity and a fresh water future
  10. Nurture society’s value of water through greater awareness of usage

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