The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) can make important contributions towards decarbonising the shipping industry and supporting safe, secure and thriving oceans, not least through the critical role that their products and services play in the transition through route optimisation and improved geospatial data.

The UKHO also have a wider role as the Primary Charting Authority for 63 countries. Protecting oceans and marine resources is crucial for the 37% of the global population in coastal communities who rely on the ocean for food, homes and jobs. UKHO geospatial data is essential for monitoring and protecting these environments and addressing the challenges facing Small Island Developing States and other coastal communities.

The UKHO also represent the UK government worldwide as experts and advisors on seabed mapping, marine navigation and marine geospatial data.

With such a diverse range of responsibilities and areas of impact, UKHO believes it must think and act in a joined-up, accountable manner when managing sustainability goals; this is why they have published their first Sustainability Roadmap.


 Navigational data helping shipping achieve its 2030 emissions reduction targets


Although shipping is a highly efficient mode of transport and a critical link in global supply chains, it is still a significant source of carbon emissions. Maritime transport is responsible for about 3% of global emissions, emitting around 940 million tonnes of CO2e annually.

Although much of the industry discussion on decarbonisation solutions has centred on alternative fuels, advanced vessel designs and new propulsion technologies, the future of navigation – and specifically, navigational data – also has a vital role to play.

Advanced navigational data supports decarbonisation by unlocking the ability to optimise a vessel’s speed, route and operations, which can deliver significant emissions savings. What’s more, it is a solution that can deliver results in the near term, which makes it particularly important if shipping is to achieve its 2030 emissions reduction targets.

The UKHO saidAt a time when inaction is not an option, our roadmap helps us to remain accountable for our progress and keeps us on track for our ambitious targets. Armed with a clear vision of the positive impact we can have, we are excited about the difference we can make in combatting climate change, decarbonising shipping and delivering a more sustainable future.’

You can read the UKHO’s Sustainability Roadmap here.

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