The government has set out plans for an alternative transitional registration model (ATRm) to support UK REACH transitional registrations. This is “in response to concerns raised by the chemicals industry about the significant cost to businesses of accessing EU data packages”.

According to the government, “This document outlines the government’s plans for an alternative transitional registration model (ATRm) for UK REACH.

This aims to reduce the costs to industry associated with buying or accessing EU hazard information while continuing to ensure high levels of protection of human health and the environment. A consultation on the proposals will be published in early 2024.”

However, the plans will reduce the “hazard” information that chemical companies must provide to register substances in the UK. The safety information provided about chemicals will be reduced to an “irreducible minimum”, which campaigners say will leave the UK “lagging far behind the EU”.

Read the coverage in the Guardian.

Access the government policy paper here

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