The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is now commencing the roll-out phase of inshore vessel monitoring system (I-VMS) devices to under six metre vessels. This phase continues the MMO’s support for all under 12 metre vessels to enable them to meet the requirements to have an I-VMS device once legislation comes into force early 2024.

Fishers with vessels under six metres will benefit from the same grant funding of up to £1,050 per vessel and the streamlined claims process, which now only requires proof of purchase before repayments are issued, typically within three to five working days. The under six metre fleet can make funding claims up until Monday 18 December 2023.

MMO also confirmed that fishers with under six metre vessels are not expected to adhere to the phased installation dates that were published earlier this year for 80% of home ports. Instead, fishers with smaller vessels should focus on ordering their devices and reclaiming costs to take full advantage of the funding before the European Maritime & Fisheries Fund closes. As grant claims no longer require evidence of a device installation or data ping test, installations should be booked as early as possible.

Both suppliers of type approved devices, Fulcrum and Succorfish, have confirmed that their I-VMS units can be fixed to the under six metre fleet and offer removable power sources. Fishers should contact the suppliers to discuss which option is best for their circumstances.

Peter Clark, MMO’s Director of Operations said:

“I-VMS data will, for the first time, allow us to really understand fishing activity to enhance fishing opportunities and help us build models that support fisheries management and protection.

“Data from under six metre vessels will provide an important element to our current understanding, especially when it comes to small scale opportunities and displacement issues.

“Benefits of gathering I-VMS data from the under six metre fleet include search and rescue support, improved traceability of sea to plate journeys, and can help improve understanding and management of marine conservation and protection.

To read more from the MMO click here.

For full details please visit: Inshore Vessel Monitoring (I-VMS) for under-6m fishing vessels registered in England.

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