The BBC reports how hundreds of deliberately leaky dams made of wood have been installed along a stretch of river as an innovative measure to prevent flooding.

Researchers from the University of Worcester said the dams could have a dramatic impact on flooding in places including Bewdley and Ludlow.

During Storm Dennis, the dams along a three-mile stretch in Shropshire held back millions of litres of water.

The idea was taken up after research was done into dams created by beavers.

“Each leaky barrier allows water to flow through and underneath them during low flows so they don’t really have any significant impact for most of the time but they are critical during floods,” said Prof Ian Maddock, from the University of Worcester.

“They hold water back and when you have a lot of them along the reach, the cumulative effect is really significant.

“It lowers the flood peak and that’s what it’s all about, reducing the impact of flooding downstream.”

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