Water companies covering England and Wales have this week published final Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans, setting out how they will work in partnership to improve drainage and environmental water quality over the next 25 years. The plans cover flooding, pollution, storm overflows, nature-based solutions, SuDS and more. Combines, more than £108 billion will need to be spent on drainage upgrades and wastewater management by 2050. Of that, at least £40 billion will be spent tackling issues with combined sewer overflows.

Access the plans using these links

Anglian Water DWMP

Dwr Cymru DWMP

Northumbrian Water DWMP

Severn Trent Water DWMP

Southern Water DWMP

South West Water DWMP

Thames Water DWMP

United Utilities DWMP

Wessex Water DWMP

Yorkshire Water DWMP

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