The Welsh Government has announced a new action plan to tackle phosphorus pollution.

The ‘Relieving Pressures on SAC River Catchments to Support Delivery of Affordable Housing Action Plan’ has several key themes:

  • The need for a joined-up approach and the need for fit for purpose governance and oversight arrangements to support decision making in failing Special Areas of Conservation rivers.
  • The need to use natural solutions more effectively in order to deliver multiple benefits.
  • The need to work constructively with the agriculture sector to find solutions to reduce and address excess nutrients in the soil and SAC rivers of Wales.
  • Delivering short term solutions to address current planning constraints.
  • Development of a unified nutrient calculator to directly aid planning decisions on nutrient neutrality which will have the ability to take account of catchment-level data, local features and needs.
  • Provide clarity to stakeholders on the suitability of potential mitigation actions and interventions to reduce pollution.
  • A unified approach to catchment consenting in failing SAC rivers.
  • Increasing understanding of practical measures within catchments which could be provided by nutrient trading.
  • The plan emerged from the March multi-stakeholder River Pollution Summit

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