A new NetworkNature knowledge database is available, bringing together European research, policy, projects and market-based tools in a searchable online database. It is easily searchable and includes multiple UK references.

Introduction to the database

As the recognition of the potential Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) grows, so too does the need for a robust evidence base and business case across contexts. If NBS are to deliver on their predicted potential, decision-makers will require tools to communicate, promote and invest in interventions and policy. Currently, the tools available are usually sector-specific due to a lack of meta-analyses of the research, policy, projects and market-based resources available. With Europe producing much of these resources, the region is a fertile foundation point to analyse the state of the NBS landscape worldwide.

NetworkNature, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme, is a resource for the NBS community, creating opportunities for local, regional and international cooperation to maximise the impact and spread of NBS. NetworkNature has mapped European research, policy, projects and market-based tools, collating information on the stakeholders involved and topics covered; also, in parallel, has identified relevant international resources. As this is the first mapping of this scale to be performed (other mappings have been limited in sector, region and resource type), the methodology of mapping is in itself a reportable result. Due to the different types of resources, three separate mappings of global academia and projects, policy and market-based were undertaken and then combined to form this database.

For facilitation of access to information, this database is also accompanied by:

Nature-Based Solutions knowledge gaps: that compiles evidence base for NBS gap analysis to help identify future avenues for research.

Database of EU research and innovation projects on Nature-Based Solutionsthat gathers European R&I projects on NBS from several major European research and innovation or implementation programmes.

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