CaBA News:  ‘A one off Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Water Grant is open for application, deadline April 30th 2015. If you are in a CSF catchment and have the opportunity to promote these grants to farmers please get them in-touch with your local CSF officer. For further information go to: Water Capital Grants The CSF phase 3 evaluation report is available. This is a very useful piece of work providing evidence of how effective catchment management of diffuse agricultural pollution can be, for further information: CSF Evaluation Report Details of the Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund guidance and application details have been published on GOV.UK. Individuals or organisations from the farming, forestry and other land management sectors or service providers with environmental land management experience and suitable facilitation skills can apply – from 17 March 2015. The Government announced in the budget £12m to support the consortia who will be running the AgriTech Informatics Centre to put the UK at the heart of the big data revolution in agriculture. CaBA, through the Rivers Trust, is part of the consortia and we will be focused on the use of data to build a payment for ecosystem services market in the UK. The catchment based approach is providing an integrated approached to water and land use management issues across England sign up here to their mailings: subscribe to the CaBA mailing list for future updates.

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