As public awareness of environmental issues grows, the spotlight is firmly on water quality. Water companies across the UK and Europe are under increasing pressure to alleviate their environmental impact and protect vital rivers, streams and watercourses.

However, with this increased scrutiny on the water sector and its approach to pollution management, it is crucial that the focus goes beyond the widely discussed issue of combined sewer overflows (CSOs).

A report from Utility Week, in association with Innovyze, sets out the bureaucratic barriers facing the sector, the importance of collaboration with stakeholders, and the role technology can play to help support progress towards environmental objectives.

The core challenges explored in this report include:

  • People – What role must consumers and other key stakeholders play in tackling water pollution?
  • Process – What are the fundamental bureaucratic challenges hampering water companies’ progress on pollution management?
  • Technology – How is the use of data and the modelling of water quality evolving, and what are the barriers to the adoption of new technologies?

To read the full report visit the Utility Week site here.

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