Industry body Water UK is urging the public to turn over a new leaf this year and become more ‘water savvy’, as new research reveals the public have no idea how much water they use.

The research found that 94% of the public underestimate how much water they use per day. When asked, 67% thought their household uses less than 69 litres of water per day – the equivalent of a 5-minute shower. Over a fifth (21%) believed their household uses 19 litres or less, which is only enough to flush the toilet twice.

In reality, each individual person in the UK uses an average of 152 litres of water per day, and the demand for water has been increasing since the pandemic as people spend more time at home.

Public perception of how much water is wasted through leaks in the home was also found to be off the mark. Over half (61%) thought that a faulty toilet flush wastes less than 50 litres, when it actually wastes between 215 and 400 litres per day! This can cost households hundreds of pounds per year if left unfixed.

The research also shows that less than a third (30%) of people recognise the importance of saving water during the winter, compared to 79% of people who said it was important during summer. That’s why Water UK is helping the public to be savvy about their water use this winter, running its national summer Water’s Worth Saving campaign throughout the winter months for the first time.

Despite the weather getting colder and wetter during the winter, the record-breaking dry and warm weather last summer left reservoir stocks in England at their lowest levels on record.  While recent rainy weather has helped to alleviate the damage, some parts of the country remain at risk of severe drought again this summer.  

The full story from Water UK can be read here.

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