The BBC reported that the Undertones singer Feargal Sharkey has made a surprise appearance at the Labour Party conference to make a speech on water pollution.  

The environmental campaigner and Teenage Kicks singer says water companies are “profiteering” while every river in England is polluted, often by the industry itself.

The rock band singer highlights what he says is the injustice of water companies dumping sewage into rivers and the sea while paying executives millions of pounds.

He denounces the companies as “privatised by Margaret Thatcher, presided over for the last 12 years by a Conservative government drunk on the complacency, founded on indifference, propped up by a regulatory system infested by failure and exploited by an industry corrupted by the fragrance of greed”.

And he accuses the companies and the government collectively of “an unprecedented attack on the environment”.

The link to the BBC News piece can be found here and an excerpt from Feargal Sharkey’s speech can be viewed on Twitter here.

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