The Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation (CFPO) has released a statement regarding Greenpeace UK’s boulder-dumping in the South West Deeps (East) Marine Conservation Zone.

Greenpeace UK published a piece ‘5 reasons why Greenpeace built another underwater boulder barrier’ and the CFPO have responded in a statement “Whilst not wanting to overly engage in the headline-grabbing media campaign, the below statement sets out the facts and perspectives of the Cornish fishing industry. Here are our five reasons why dumping boulders in the ocean is not the way to manage our fisheries and the marine environment.”

The five reasons from the CFPO are summarised here:

  1. It endangers the lives of hard-working fishermen. The South West Deeps is exposed to huge swells and tidal movement, meaning that boulders of any size will not remain static in this environment and are now a moving hazard for all fishermen.
  2. It is illegal and does not follow the evidence. The Marine Management Organisation is currently working with all stakeholders to review management measures of fishing activity impacts within multiple Marine Protected Areas around the UK coastline.
  3. It creates displacement and unintended consequences. With an ever-growing demand for space in the marine environment, fishing does not need to be squeezed anymore.
  4. It creates mixed messages to the public. Demonising parts of the fishing fleet negatively affects the wider industry and surrounding communities.
  5. It leaves no space for collaboration. Whilst it attracts celebrities and headlines, this type of illegal activism ultimately leads to multiple negative economic, environmental and social consequences.

Previous coverage of the boulder drops in the MPA can be read here and here.

The full statement from the CFPO can be read here.

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