The Environment Agency is today calling for:

  • Courts to impose much higher fines for serious and deliberate pollution incidents. Fines currently handed down by the courts often amount to less than a Chief Executive’s salary.
  • Prison sentences for Chief Executives and Board members whose companies are responsible for the most serious incidents and company directors struck off so they cannot move on in their careers after illegal environmental damage.

The Environment Agency has today (14 July) released its annual report on the environmental performance of England’s nine water and sewerage companies.

The report shows that overall in 2021, the performance of the companies fell to the lowest level we have seen under the Environmental Performance Assessment (EPA). Measured against our 4 star rating, most of the companies’ performance declined. Despite continuing enforcement action against those breaching environmental laws, water companies remain undeterred by the penalties currently being issued by the courts.

More information can be read here.

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